My name is Pål Bergstad, born in the year ´73 and live in Lørenskog, just outside Oslo, Norway. The blog is in norwegian, but my webpage has english texts, or a short english summary in the pages. The blog is about photography and technology that interests me. As of 1st of Desember 2013 I am General Manager of Mobile Oslo As, the Opel and Mazda dealer of Oslo. Due to this the time for photography is limited.

Phone +47 467 95 188

Email: pal@palbergstad.com
Twitter: @palbergstad

Web: www.palbergstad.com

You can see more of my pictures here:

Webpage www.palbergstad.com

Flickr photostream

Enjoy my web world but just remember all text and photos are copyrighted…


Photo by Audun Braastad

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